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Dallas Probate Attorney

There are three courts in Dallas and one in Collin County devoted exclusively to probating a deceased's estate. This is unusual insofar as most counties have courts that do probate along with other unrelated matters. Because Dallas and Collin Counties have courts devoted exclusively to probate, however, their judges have a specialized knowledge of the field and are able to handle more complicated cases easier.

Michael Wald regularly practices before all three Dallas County probate courts.

Probate & Estate Administration
Need a Dallas Probate Attorney to handle all aspects of Probate and Estate Administration for the departed? Probate is the legal process by which a person's will is allowed by the Dallas Probate Court. The provisions of the will dictate how the individual's debts are paid and assets are distributed upon death.

Did you know Probate Litigation in Texas is not as difficult as it is in other states?

Dallas Probate Attorney Estate Administration includes the probate process as well as non-probate transfers of the deceased's assets, such as life insurance, annuities, qualified plans, and trust assets and compliance with applicable estate tax requirements. Mr Wald assists the personal representative of the estate in the gathering, valuation, accounting and distribution of the decedent's assets. He prepares federal and state estate tax returns as well as the appropriate documents in order to release liens on a decedent's real estate. It is his responsibility to assure that all steps are properly taken in order to carry out the decedent's intent in accordance with the law. Michael Wald is a Probate Attorney in Dallas handling estate matters for over a decade. He's here to help you!

When you are faced with the reality of settling a Texas estate with the probate process, the details and red tape can seem overwhelming.

Our affordable legal options offer solutions for estates anywhere in Texas that save you money and increase the amount that the beneficiary receives.

dallastexaslaw.com also provides information on Texas estate laws and forms to help you begin the process of estate planning in Texas.

WMichael Wald is more than happy to answer any questions that you would like to e-mail to him. In addition he is available for personal consultation for anyone having questions about Texas Probate. His telephone number is (972) 788-3318.

What Happens During Probate?   
The person who is nominated in the will as executor files a petition asking that he or she be appointed as executor. If there is no will, the Probate Code provides a list of persons who have priority to petition to become executor. The will also is filed with the petition, and notices are sent to the heirs and/or relatives to let them know when the hearing will be held.

If there are objections to the petition, or if the validity of the will is contested, the hearing will be used to resolve any problems that have arisen. In some cases this may mean that the validity of the will is not upheld, or that some other person than the original petitioner is chosen to administer the estate. In most cases, however, there is no objection and the petition is granted. The executor then makes an inventory of the estate's assets, locates creditors, pays bills, files tax returns, and manages the estate assets.

When all of the duties of the executor are completed, the estate is distributed to the heirs and the estate administration is completed by filing final tax returns.
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